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Unpolished Heart Full of Neon Promise

So what does it mean to be here? Am I really in your heart or am I just a drifting leaf in this hurricane? Do you really know? I don't. I need your reassurance.

I'm sorry I can't be the brave boy that you'd like to present to the world. I was never one to say I was a strong one.

No no no. I'm just afraid that I'll never be able to say I was strong enough to not cry. I'm just a baby like that.

The small one in the purple shirt. The boy whose eyes tell a story of hope and abuse. Can you really hold him?

Oh the nights passed under neon lights and throbbing music that stimulates the heartbeat. The heartbeat that is a substitute for the one that he has been yearning for.

Don't ask me to be everything. Its hard enough to feel secure in the things I can do. I'll always disappoint if you want me to be perfection. I'm no bottled up jinn.

I've searched my heart and along the scars I found beauty. This gem has flaws. Do you still want it? Polish me with your kisses.

Know that I am happy. The uncertainty of life is why the game is worth playing. But I only know how to do things whole heartedly, so do not doubt my intentions. I'll only promise you that I'll give it all I am. And the peices of our broken hearts can create something more beautiful than all the galleries could ever hope to show.



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May. 14th, 2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's really deep. I noticed your journal said Friends only and to mention how I found you well threw Fetlife acually, I was profile hopping and noticed you had LJ so I took a look =^_^=
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