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Munsters/Mockingbird Lane

Ok, so watched "Mockingbird Lane". First of all, let me preface by saying i appreciate anyone who has the creativity to put their own spin on something. I know that people are getting tired of remakes and "reimaginings" (i am myself) but coming from a theatre background, i understand everyone has their own interpretation. Now, i will say, i loved the visual and design. Acting... ok, i think Portia de Rossi did amazing and was the best in the show. She and Jerry i think captured the heart (pardon the pun) of the characters while still bringing them up to date. Eddie Izzard, i know i'm going to tick people off with this, but most of his stuff is hit or miss for me. i loved him in "The Riches" and other films, i don't care for his stand up, and in this he was too... malevolent. I realize they wanted to go for the old school Dracula with him, and i actually think that was a mistake. The Munsters were not The Addams Family. They actually tried to fit in. And they certainly were not "Dexter". Really, i can enjoy a dark comedy, but this felt too dark considering the scource material. But, i'm a sucker for camp. I felt the way they handled Marilyn was also too caustic. In the old version, her "condition" was something they pitied, but still treated her like family, in this, they all seem to detest her presence. But kudos to the actress for doing her best. Honestly, i'm sure it comes as no surprise, but i much prefer the original series (and the specials FOX did in the 90s) to this new version. But, i love camp and am much more into sitcoms than thrillers and horror. But, i may try to watch the next episode or two if it continues. So, if you enjoy it, good for you. I'll enjoy the reruns on Netflix. What did you think?

Though i did like how they wrote in Fluffy.

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