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Jekyll & Hyde Review

Ed and i went to see Jekyll & Hyde (starring Constantine Maroulis and Deborah Cox) at the PAC. Orchestra Center. I've never been that close to the Chapman stage before, so that was awesome. House seats too. What did i think? Well...

J&H orch center

Let me start by saying Deborah has a phenomenal voice. I was really impressed with how they blended projections with actual sets. Enjoyed the changes. Actually enjoyed the show more than i thought. However, it is in many way a collection of power ballads. Great emotional songs, but the book of the musical needs more exposition. The emotion isn't enough if there is no why... Constantine has a lot of energy and the rock feel with this show utilizes him well. But while he is natural and commanding as Hyde, i didn't always buy him as Jekyll. And i did not care for his interpretation of "This is the Moment" There needed to be levels... Can't be at 10 the whole time or it's not the build in tone or character that is needed. The ensemble was good, and my favorite song was actually "Facade" The blending of rock music with period actually worked much better than in "Spring Awakening" IMHO. All in all, i liked it. Not perfect, but i hope it does well when it moves to Broadway. So, for what its worth, that's what i thought.


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