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Taste the Day

Do you taste the day?
Is it flavored like that first bite of a chocolate chip cookie?
Or Does it linger on your tounge like bitter coffee?

Reach up to the sky
Can you remember when you could
Touch the clouds?

Open your ears to the sounds
Open your eyes to the sights
Can you sense it?

Whisper something to yourself alone
Tell yourself how special you are
It doesn't matter if you don't believe it right now
You will when you're ready

Just remember that the Universe has unfolded today
Like a tulip and you are a petal
You are nessessary to make this Garden

Smile, even if it hurts your face
Laugh, especially when you're too tired
Lap up the day, it's so sweet...

So do Yourself, the self that is continually being reborn, a favor and
Drink in the air like its the cocktail you
didn't actually pay for but
Enjoy all the same


Elegance of the Forbidden Moon

In the soft deafening silence
Heart drumming against my own inhibitions
Gazing at the familiar darkness
Waiting for the chance to become one again
Fear of the unavoidable light that threatens my every footstep
But journeying into the welcoming embrace, of my beloved
Climbing the moon's spiral staircase towards hope
as the sky's curtains envelop us
Happy in the gentle caress of each others arms

I wish to cry.
To shout, to weep, to bow my head in my own unworthiness
But I am reminded again of what I am.

I could wrap my fingers tightly
forever silencing any hesitation
Becoming one of the many glimmering stars that watch me.
But I am destined to be a different shade of silver.
And I am Thankful that my love can see me shine

May the sweet velvet night always surround us
Champagne; not bitter ale of morning's empty promises
Kiss to the Beautiful, vulnerable/heroic champion of the night
Tho it cannot be known..


I Wanna Write a Poem

I wanna about how hard living is sometimes
About how millions are dying everyday but the news only talks about what star is pregnant
I wanna write about Iraq, Sudan, or Thailand
About how poverty can make you do things you didn't think you would
About how everyday a child cries because he or she is hungry or cold or alone
or a teenager cries because he or she is scared or hated or alone
or an adult cries because he or she is homeless or dying or alone
And how sometimes we all get so lonely that we have to cry
And sometimes we drown in those tears and sometimes we're out of tears to cry

But thats not all...

I wanna write about how glorious love can feel
I wanna write about that feeling you get when you know that somewhere somebody cares about you and it makes you feel a little bit less lonely
I wanna write about finding quarters on the sidewalk and making wishes at 11:11 at night in the car with your friends
I wanna write about your first kiss
about blueberry muffins that taste better because you made them yourself even if they do turn out grey
About friends who haven't spoken in years talking like old times.
I wanna write a poem about a new pair of shoes.

Not done yet

I wanna write a poem about how racism and sexism are still alive.
About how civil rights are only a footnote in a history book
About how propaganda and mob mentality can take control
About young kids that think wearing a swastika makes you "hardcore" and "punk"
- it doesn't. It makes you look like an ignorant jerkoff. Read a book or fall off the earth.
I wanna write about how nobody protests like the good old days.
I wanna write about how the people who whine about not being listened to never do anything about it.
I wanna write about changing the world.

But what can I do

The great songs that were written to give cause to the downtrodden are now merely words with notes for some youngster hoping to become famous on tv.
The great stories about love and life have all been dressed up to be mass marketable.
And the revolutionaries have all been decried as radicals.
And artists are all told not to quit their day jobs.
Thank you for letting me, nobody that I am, at my little keyboard, write this poem.

Tears on a Tuesday

Take the deepest breath I can as the clouds flow over me
A mockingbird crows and an ambulance siren screeches through the streets
Do you remember the oath once taken over peanut butter sandwiches and pink lemonade?
Inside the mind, questions flow like water
Answers are, so often glossed over
The wheels roll on, sounding like childrens marbles
the fluorescent light flickers on, lazily dreaming of laughter
Listen for it! Look out for it! Who knows how long it will be
Wasn't he taught? Wasn't he taught? the large woman screams as she fills an IV
sleepy creamy oddly pretty life pouring from the skin
like the love from a romantic's soul
glide into the light
take the pain away
under white sheets slumber the memories of his past failures
he dreads the morning
bringing with it more sorrow
The black man laughs and says it'll all be better tomorrow
Holding onto a dream that seems too beautiful to come true
He listens to the old songs about love and loss and hope
When does it happen to me? he asks the void that fills the pastel room where nobody hears
Grip tight the plush roommate that lies down and licks up your tears
Too many days like this and you wonder how you're still here
But, hey, its only Tuesday...

Look at the Boy!

Thank you to willowforlife for taking these photos of me. I think that they came out really well.

cut to camera whoringCollapse )


Just Another Empty Feeling

I take off my hat, but I don't want to stay
You unzip and I watch you wink at me
we spill our drinks on the carpet and don't care
an acid guitar solo screams
the moon glows the time slows
I think I'm watching a movie, but I know its real
we breathe, howl, hug, and its over we go back to the other room
and all thats left is just another empty feeling


Held in the Night

Take me in you arms and tell me I'm not a freak
drive me through the town humming songs from a musical as you curse other cars
I taste you and I know you're real
I know you have to go, but I beg you to stay
Kissing you feels so nice, I want the world to disappear
Am I just crushing or am I in a poignent chapter?
I want you on me
oh, hold me again.....